Le Petit Theatre Dior

Le Petit Théâtre Dior - Haute Couture in miniature

Le Petit Theatre Dior –  a world traveling exhibition.

This exhibition features 60 dresses in twelve installations, all of them meticulously resembling the original designs in every tiny detail.

I hope you enjoy watching these 2 absolutely mesmerizing short videos from the House of Dior – it details in exquisite detail what goes into making a gown – and not just any custom gown: a mini couture dress from spring/summer 1949. The level of handiwork shown is rather astounding.

Shot in the Atelier Dior Haute Couture in Paris, we see the dresses built from start to finish – even how the handmade flowers are constructed piece by piece. The 1/2 scale gowns are traveling the world in an exhibition entitled ” Le Petit Théâtre Dior – Haute Couture in miniature”. – lets hope the exhibition makes its way to Australia.


And the official video for the “Le Petit Theatre Dior –

More details of this traveling exhibition can be found at



Hope you enjoyed watching these amazing videos.

Cheerio and Good luck to you all.

Ann from Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design.

One thought on “Le Petit Theatre Dior

  1. Kate

    OMG, totally exquisite. I am so inspired and in awe of the beauty and gorgeousness. Words cannot describe my appreciation.
    Thank you for sharing.

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