Sew It Make It April Entries

Sew It Make It – April Competition Entries.

Sew It! Make It! Sewing Competition.

What is your must have Sewing Tool/Aide to help you sew better ??

In conjunction with the Italian Warehouse Sale April 18th our competition entries are   –

Entry 1 – Sewing Gauge by Fiona L.

Hello Ann, Here is my entry:
One of my favourite tools for sewing is called a SimFlex Expanding Sewing Gauge. It is useful for quickly measuring equal distances, for example when marking button holes, locations for snaps, distance between pleats, pintucks and the like. I have four young children and do a lot of sewing. The pictures attached are of dresses for my daughter and niece. This little tool really makes a difference to the speed with which I can complete projects. It is also special to me as it was a gift from my husband that he found when researching online for a sewing gadget for Christmas for me one year. I had never seen anything like it. For someone who doesn’t sew, he certainly found a great tool!
Thanks for allowing me to enter. Have a great afternoon. Fiona



Entry 2 – Perfect Pockets by Deb G.deb 1

My “Must have Sewing Tools/Aides” are my pocket templates and my pinking shears.
I like my jacket pockets to be lined so that all edges are enclosed leaving no fraying threads or bulky overlocked edges. They also sit & look much nicer on the jackets.

Step 1 – After being frustrated at not being able to get both pockets the same size and shape, I came up with the idea to make a template – I did one for large pockets and another for smaller ones.deb 2

Step 2 – After cutting out the pocket and lining pieces, I use my template to mark the corners, the template has the seam allowance built in so I don’t need to guess when to positon the curve – just line up the template edges with the fabric edge on the pockets. Depending on the fabric and colour, I use either tailors chalk or pen – in my example I could use pen since the fabric is dark. (The curves on my templates are from different size cotton reels!)deb 3

Step 3 – Then sewing the perfect curves is so easy – no unpicking & re-doing!!deb 4

Step 4 – Now I use my pinking shears to do the cut-outs around the corners so when they are turned through they are nicely rounded and uniform. This saves so much time and messy little triangle pieces everywhere – I also use my pinking shears for necklines, collars and where ever I need to trim curves!deb 5

Step 5 – After turning and pressing my finished pockets look great! (Just need to either hand sew the opening where they were turned through or sew across on the sewing machine)deb 6

Step 6 – Examples on some of my other jackets.deb 7

Thanks for allowing me to share my “perfect pockets” hints, I hope this can help others who like me, didn’t put pockets on their jackets as it was all too hard to get them the same size and shape.

PS – I also use the same marking process for sewing keyhole openings at the back of my round neck shirts!


Entry 3 – How many Pins ?? by Rachel G.

Hi Ann.  My entry for favorite sewing tool is “pins” because apparently you can never use too many in your garment!

( As a side note – Rachel is a new sew’ist in my classes and when pinning her collar pattern piece to her fabric she quietly asked her fellow students ( so I wouldn’t hear ) –
” Are 3 pins enough….(and Kim B answered) – ” that is 2 too many !!!!!”….. Yes, my classes are “interesting” !!!!


Entry 4 – Pattern Weights by Sharon H.

My husband and I designed and made pattern weights to assist me with my sewing.

When I’m tracing or cutting out a pattern I always seem to need an extra pair of hands. The pattern weights assist me enormously.

The pattern weight is made from steel and the sewing machine design is actually the outline of my own machine!

Now I just need to make it look beautiful with some fabric from my stash!

Pattern Weights – approx 8cms x 5cmsIMG_3516


 Entry 5 – My Sticker System by Sharon H.

I use a sticker system for my fabric stash. If I wash fabric and add it to my stash I always put a little white sticker on it. Then, in the future, I know what fabric has and hasn’t been washed.  Stickers could be used to aide you in a myriad of manners – indicating washed fabric, wrong side of fabric, pairing cut pieces etc…IMG_3517

The competition closes Tuesday 14th April for all entry submissions.

Good luck to all entries!!!!

Cheerio and all the best.


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