Winner of What do you LOVE about Sewing.

What do You LOVE about Sewing competition winner.

Kim with her new book.

Kim with her new book.


 What do you LOVE about SEWING competition winner is Kim B.


A big heartfelt thanks to everyone that entered our short competition on Facebook.


As usual all the entries and thoughts were fabulous and as Kim garnered the most likes she is the worthy winner of the


” The Readers Digest Complete book of Sewing “ (1980’s publication date).

Here is Kim’s short story – ” What I LOVE about SEWING “.

Since beginning my awesome sewing classes with Ann the thing I ‘Love about sewing’ is the newly found feeling of PRIDE that it has given me.
After such a disastrous few years following the death of my father (too young), then the unfo
reseeable and unspeakable break-up of a very close family (or so I thought) left me so broken.
BUT after declaring 2014 ‘my year’ I took up sewing classes to make better use of the Janome my father brought me for my birthday some 20 years ago!
It has allowed me to get through my depression (sewing classes much cheaper than therapy!) and fill myself with PRIDE at my accomplishments with my sewing.
I look forward to Thursdays (Ann may not though??!!) each week and showing my 3 children how to be PROUD of yourself and achievements. Sew on that note people…… Keep Calm and Sew on!!!


To read all the entries in our ” What do you LOVE about SEWING please visit our Facebook page here.


Cheerio and all the best.

Annie at Designer Stitch


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