National Vintage Fashion Awards

National Vintage Fashion Awards.

national vintage fashion awards

national vintage fashion awards

From the National Vintage Fashion Awards website :

We are proud to announce that the Geelong Revival Motoring Festival will feature the National Vintage Fashion Awards in 2014.

Women and men of every age and their preferred fashion era are cordially invited to sashay, swan and strut their stuff over a truly unique weekend of frills and thrills. The picturesque Geelong Waterfront will once again provide a fitting backdrop as the main stage hosts not one but two parades across the weekend!

The National Vintage Fashion Awards are split into 2 days :
Saturday will showcase the modern classics post 1960. Entrants are encouraged to show off their shifts, beehives, beads, glomesh, lurex, platforms, moonboots and anything else that starts with the word swinging or ends in the word disco.
Sunday’s parade is for our more traditional enthusiasts, with Pre-Sixties era ensembles dating anywhere from the twenties to the fifties.

Dates and Times:
Saturday 29th November 12pm
Sunday 30th November 12pm

Venue: Main Stage, Steampacket Place

There are plenty of fabulous prizes and trophies to be won and registrations fill up fast so be sure to get in early!

Click here to enter!

For further information please contact

Also read here about Fiona D’s dress she made in class – and the one she is going to wear as an entrant into the National Vintage Fashion Awards competition.

fiona vintage dress 6


Cheerio and all the best.

Annie G


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