Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale

Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale is on again.

Great news – with the amazing response and success of the first warehouse opening in December last year, Adriana and Jim have decided to open their “FABRIC” doors again.

So here are all the details – this is NOT TO BE MISSED. And Adriana and Jim have assured me there will be more staff on the floor on the day, so the wait wont be as long.

In conjunction with this sale Adriana and Jim have kindly sponsored the prize for the first Designer Stitch sewing competition – Sew It ! Make It ! – all the details can be found here.

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Massive Italian Fabric Wholesaler Sale – Open Direct to the Public

One Day Only – Saturday 12th April  from 9.30 am until 3.30pm.
5 Marriott Street, Oakleigh. (off Dandenong Road ) ( the building does not have an obvious sign –  with only a small sign in window that reads “ Christopher George”)

Fabrics at wholesale prices – ALL imported direct from ITALY….
Linens – $5.00 p/m
Denims – $6.00 p/m (varying weights and stretch)
Silks – $5.00 p/m ( varying lengths on rolls and assorted prints)
Knits – $4.00 p/m ( mercerised strips and assorted plains/marle)
Wools – $8.00 p/m ( varying weights)
Plus stacks of other assorted fabrics still in this price range. Adriana has told me that there have been deliveries of new fabrics yet again. !!!!!

The sale is CASH ONLY and the minimum cut is 2 metres per fabric with an increment cut of 1 metre. ( please don’t ask for 2.75 metres as you will be refused politely)
( and please bring various combinations of dollars/money  to make your sale quick and easy too )

( If by chance you are a small manufacturer you can place orders on the day but rolling off and pickup of the fabric will have to be the following week)

Please all ensure you know how much fabric you need for your garments and what weight you should purchase. There will be no one on the day to advise you of what quantities
you need to make a skirt/pants/jacket  etc or what would be the best weight of fabric etc.

italian fabric sale 2italian fabric sale 4






italian fabric sale 8italian fabric sale 10










We have been very lucky to have this opportunity to access this wholesaler as the above prices are amazing. When I first visited this business to have a look,
I literally walked around the building drooling at the quality of fabric and the prices. Elsewhere similar Italian fabrics as detailed above sell from  $30 – 90 p/m and upwards.
(The above criteria for this sale I have personally set in concrete as I want this sale to be accessible to everyone )
Jim and Adrianna are very kind to open their warehouse doors for us again as a courtesy just for US…!!!!!!! – I didn’t even have to NAG this time !!!!! ….lol….

If there is again a good attendance we may be lucky enough to have access again to this fantastic fabric warehouse later in the year. – so remember – The one with the MOST WINS !!!!!!

So please tell all your friends, work colleagues, family and EVERYONE/ANYONE please…..if you are on Facebook please also post these details.

Also enter the competition here to win $150 worth of fabric from this sale – plus private shopping access an hour before the warehouse doors open…!!!

italian fabric sale 1italian fabric sale 3






italian fabric sale 7italian fabric sale 5









Cheerio and Good luck to you all.

Ann from Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design.

3 thoughts on “Italian Fabric Warehouse Sale

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  2. irene buschtedt

    What a wonderful site and what a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise. Do you have a clone in Sydney????!!!! I am green with envy – I live in Sydney an d was wondering if there is someone here who comes close to what you offer in Melbourne???? Thanks for the site which I follow religiously and the new web site will be just much more fun!!!!! Irene

  3. annieg Post author

    HI Irene. Unfortunately I don’t have a clone in Sydney. It is hard finding the correct place to learn – I have been teaching for nearly 30 years ( I call it my apprenticeship as I keep raising my own “bar” for personal study). And thank you for following my site – I plan to post little “lessons” on certain techniques – plus my – Sew It! – Make It ! – competitions are going to be in full swing. I have loads of ideas for the series.
    Cheerio and Kind Regards

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