Pattern Making Classes.

Learn the principles and techniques that will give you an understanding of pattern making and design, allowing the freedom to create, fit and develop your own garments. Students work through a detailed step-by-step process in these pattern making classes to develop patterns for shape and styling details. The pattern making classes and what you learn to develop is the same method taught to designers in the fashion industry.

Located at: 19 Malcalm Avenue, Surf Beach. Phillip Island. 3922

Phone: 0415 517519 or contact us here.

Pattern Making Classes – Suitable for:

The course is appropriate for any design enthusiast, and the intermediate or advanced sew’ist who has sound sewing skills established, who wishes to make their own patterns for individual use, or for their own personal clients. You must understand how pattern pieces are sewn together. Some advanced sewing techniques can be incorporated as part of your learning stream when developing your designs. The methods used in class to develop sizing and blocks can be applied to any other individual’s measurements.

Pattern Making Classes – Skills Learnt:

  1. You will develop your own personal block to your own measurements or standard sizing. Basic Blocks: Skirt, Pants and Bodice, then more advanced styling with intermediate and advanced blocks.
  2. Learn the principles of design, fit and construction. Discussion and experimentation is encouraged with patterns, fittings, and test garments.
  3. Interpret and develop your garment design using the fundamental principles taught in these pattern making classes.

How long will it take:

  1. Each student works on their own separate project.
  2. Classes can be attended for as long as you want( on a 2 hour weekly basis) but expect to spend at least 6-9 months developing an intermediate level of pattern making skills.
  3. If you want a good understanding of pattern making allow at least 18-24 months, but if you want to streamline your learning, 2-3 classes per week will allow you to develop faster.

Also available- Certificate of Pattern Making – 2 years part-time. Contact for details.

These pattern making classes are designed to work at your own pace, so you can come for a long as you wish. My longest attending student -Annette H – has been with me for 14 years !!!!!

Cost: $140.00 – (equates to $35.00 per class) = 4 weeks of classes ( 2 hour class per week- the 4 weeks of classes is purely for payment block- this course is not for a 4 week duration- as stated above expect to spend some time gaining sound p/m skills.

On the 4th week of your current payment block, class fees are payable for the next 4 weeks, and so on.)

$70.00 – Enrollment deposit ( refunded when 2 weeks notification given to withdraw from the classes )

( Please note that your confirmed enrollment in class is final and cancellations will result in forfeit of payment. Please double check your availability before making your class booking as there will be no exceptions)

What is provided:

Pattern Making Paper, Rulers, Sewing Machines, and Overlockers. Student to purchases all fabric, notions, and sewing tools where necessary to complete the garment. ( A basic supplies list is provided upon completion of enrolment )

Pattern Making Classes – Day.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Time – 10.00 am to 12.00 pm

Afternoon Classes.


Time – 1.00 pm until 3.00 pm

Evening Classes.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Time – 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Weekend Classes.


Time – 10.00 am to 12.00 pm