Print and Plain – Sew It ! Make It ! Sewing Competition

Sew It! Make It! Sewing Competition.

Introducing our second for 2014 – and the Challenge is –

What can you make with a combination of Print and Plain in our Sewing Competition ?

Print and Plain Sew It ! Make It ! Sewing Competition

Burda Panel Dress (Plus Size) 01/2014 #133……Burda Asymmetrical Jersey Dress 05/2014 #115


Announcing our second sewing competition for 2014,  and I would like to invite you all to participate as part of my blog community at Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design.

The sewing competition category is open to any Garments, Wearable Art, and Accessories ( unfortunately quilts and patchwork in their traditional form will not be accepted…sorry !! )

To enter our sewing competition you will have to submit photos of your work ( both inside and outside)  and written details of patterns used/or pattern drafted, what fabrics and trims you used, and how you constructed your garment along with accompanying photos.



And First Prize is –  $250 worth of fabric from Preview International Fabric of Richmond.

Paul has kindly sponsored our sewing competition and as he operates both a retail and on-line business this competition is accessible for anyone to enter.Print and Plain Sew It ! Make It ! Sewing Competition

This competition will initially be judged by Paul who’s task is to pick the best 4 of all the entries and then I am going to open it back up to our blog readers.
I will create a poll where you can vote for your entry and then Paul and I will be honored to announce the winner.

The competition details are:
Opens :  Saturday 7th June
Runs For : 5 weeks (until 11th July )  and is open to everyone to submit their design entry.

Paul will have 1 day to choose the final 5, and then I will open up the judging to you from Sunday 13th July
until Wednesday 16th July- 4 days for you to cast your vote..

And then the Sewing Competition winner will be announced on Friday 18th July.

Please contact me here with your ” Print and Plain Combination”  details and I will send you an up-load link for your photo’s etc and then I will post your entry on my blog.

We all look forward to seeing all of your fantastic entries and reading about what wonderful creations that you have made.

Cheerio and Good luck to you all.

Ann from Designer Stitch School of Fashion and Design and Paul from Preview International Fashion Fabrics.


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